10 Most Overlooked Factors to Consider when choosing a Wedding Venue

A couple’s wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of their life. With proper planning, you can surely have the wedding of your dreams. One of the most important aspects of any wedding is the venue. After all, it is the place where you will exchange vows and gather friends and family to witness your union. Choosing the perfect wedding venue, therefore, is one of the most crucial parts of the wedding preparation. Sometimes though, even with careful planning, things get overlooked. Below are the 10 most overlooked factors to consider in a wedding venue.


Most wedding venues are accompanied by a strong wedding team to help you out on and leading up to your day. Developing a report with this team can go a long way to making your wedding day run smoothly. Check for things like flexibility on table hire, pick up/drop off times and food service times to avoid blowing your budget in extra fees.

Wedding Ceremony Cost

Do you plan to hold the wedding ceremony and reception in one place? Then you should make sure that the venue is also ideal for your wedding ceremony. Make sure that it is solemn enough so you can focus on delivering your vows come wedding day. Determine whether it will be more affordable for you to host your ceremony at your reception venue or keep them separate. Keep in mind, travel costs, car hire and transport issues for your guests.

Venue Size

Avoid getting a venue that is too small or too big. You don’t want your guests to be cramped. But at the same time, you don’t want to lose the intimacy with a venue that is too big. Be sure to evaluate your number of guests when visiting your venue and inquire about customisable spaces in case of unexpected guest numbers.

Venue Location

You should make sure that the location is not too far from your guests or you may find yourself getting plenty of invitation declines.

Wedding Photos

Photos and videos will be one of the most lasting souvenirs of your wedding day. This is why your wedding venue should look good in wedding photos and videos. Scout around the venue for romantic backdrops and hidden gems that could be the difference between a good and great wedding album.

Food and Drinks

If food and drinks are included in the venue, then you should make sure that the quality is good. Good venues should let you organise a tasting session before booking the venue to ensure you get what you’re expecting on the day.


If you have guests who are differently abled then you should make sure that the wedding venue is accessible to them. Create a plan to help them get to the reception smoothly on the day.

Wedding date

So you think you have found the perfect venue. But before you celebrate, check first if the wedding venue is available on your wedding date. Some venues need to be booked months or even years in advance. Look for pricing differences between days (some may be cheaper on a weekday). Ensure to check that they are operating on the day you desire.

Child Friendly

Some of your guests will probably bring their kids along. You should make sure that the venue is child-friendly. Check with your wedding venue for discounted or allocated children meals to avoid paying full price for your smaller guests.


If you are planning to hold your wedding in an outdoor venue, then you should make sure that it will be sunny on your wedding day. Alternatively, look for an indoor venue with an outdoor area or balcony that will give you that sense of space regardless of the weather.

Keep these 10 overlooked factors to consider in a wedding venue when you start your search.

Why more and more couples are choosing intimate wedding venues to host their reception

If you’re a quality over quantity type then the idea of an intimate weddings probably appeals to you. While the typical large wedding is for some, an intimate reception opens the doors for a night to remember with those who are most special to you without having to sacrifice the lavish decor, outrageous dancing and laughing of a full scale wedding.

5 reasons to choose an Intimate Wedding Venue

1. Flexibility

Every venue has their own way of doing things, but small wedding venues typically offer a more bespoke touch to their wedding offerings, as opposed to large wedding venues who offer fixed wedding packages and have strict time schedules. It can be difficult to make alterations to suppliers, meals & drinks packages at a fixed package venue, however, smaller venues often have a dedicated team who get to know you and help make sure you get the most out of your day.

As larger venues may have restrictive deals with suppliers, small venues often work closely with their suppliers to help you organise aspects of your wedding, without having to commit to specific suppliers so your Aunt Carol may be able to bring those cupcakes, after all.

2. Atmosphere

What is more romantic than a small, cosy atmosphere with the ones you love? A larger, classic venue may have the glamour and grandeur, but for a truly personal and intimate experience, it’s hard to look past a small venue.

3. A Personal Touch

This is the shining light of a small wedding. An intimate reception venue will often allow you to style, decorate and plan your wedding to be a true reflection of your relationship.
– Capture all the best moments of you and your guests. A photographer will always be in a closer proximity at a smaller venue giving you the best chance of getting those perfect shots.
– A smaller venue will allow you to create a personal tablescape, setting and program for your guests. Without thousands of guests to cater for, you can give it that personal touch you have always dreamed of.
– Get all of your guests together with activities at the reception that everyone can join in on. Rather than a stage/crowd setting, immerse yourselves with your guests by including them in family traditions or all inclusive table settings.

4. Handpicked Guests

Most people want to spend their wedding day with people they know and cherish. Avoid the age old drama of guestlists getting out of hand by holding a carefully selected reception.

5. Extra Attention

Less distractions = more attention for you on your day. Who doesn’t want that?

If you want a wedding venue where the staff are thoughtful, the food is great and the decor is as beautiful as you want it to be, consider a more intimate wedding venue.