Should You Marry in the Same Place as Your Wedding Reception?

So you and the love of your life are getting married soon. This is a very exciting time for you. But it can also be very stressful with all the decisions that are needed to be made. One of the most crucial of which is choosing the venues for both your wedding ceremony and reception. You might have your heart set on your ultimate wedding reception venue, the one that suits you and your in-laws, is affordable enough for you and your partner and fulfils your styling needs. However, finding the perfect combination of ceremony and reception venue can be harder than it seems leading to the surge in popularity of hosting your ceremony and reception at the same venue.

It’s a bonafide money saver

The most obvious advantage of holding the wedding ceremony and the reception in the same venue is that it saves money. Cost is the major consideration among soon-to-be-wed couples. If a couple can save money on the venue then they can use the extra money on other important matters, like champagne. Or use the money for their honeymoon or to simply save it for the future. Ceremony venue rental prices can be quite expensive, by having just one venue for both the ceremony and the reception, you can cut the cost significantly.

And time is money, better save that too

You will not only save money when you hold the ceremony and the reception at the same venue, you will also be able to save time. It will allow you to save time both during preparation and on the day itself. Logistics has always been a problem during weddings especially if the venues of the ceremony and the reception are different. Decorating two separate venues can cause plenty of headaches already. During the big day, you would also need to take care of transporting your guests from one venue to another. You can eliminate these problems and save Grandma the hassle by holding the ceremony and the reception in the same area.

Keep that styling consistent

As social media pushes the world to grow trendier, styling plays more of a significant role in the special day of to-be-weds and can be a huge point of focus for wedding organisers. For the style savvy and those who understand the world of ‘tablescaping’, hosting your ceremony and reception at the same venue opens up a world of options. Hosting your ceremony at your reception venue allows you to pull it all together, turning your vision into a true experience for you and your guests.

Should you marry in the same place as your wedding reception? Of course, it depends on your situation but with the three big advantages mentioned above, the answer is quite clear.