How to Make a Unique Wedding Venue

How to Make a Unique Wedding Venue

Everyone dreams of having a memorable wedding, not only for themselves but for the people with whom they are sharing their special day. But as all weddings follow a similar narrative it can sometimes blur the lines of individuality and your wedding day may come across as the same as many others. If you want your wedding to truly stand out, it’s important to source a unique venue. Almost any location can be turned into a wedding venue. All you need is a little imagination and a decorating idea that is special to you.

Here’s how to make a unique wedding venue.


Your wedding venue must not only be unique, it should also be meaningful to you. When selecting a venue, considering practical options such as location and accessibility is important but try to envision how you can personalise the space to be significant to you. Ask questions about the venue’s flexibility and styling options so that you know you’re free to make the wedding your own.


You can still choose a traditional venue and make it unique. Many people opt for the new venue in town, dazzled by the surrounding hype and unfamiliarity, couples can often lose sight of what they’re really after. New venues are great but spend some time looking into off the radar venues
for spaces that you can make truly your own, and often without the hefty price tag.

Unique Elements

When selecting a venue look for individual elements that you can work with to help make your styling and (subsequent) photos special. For an outdoor wedding consider the position of the landscape, how you could structure your lighting and how your decor will suit the natural environment. For indoor, look for beautiful elements to focus your attention on such as exposed brick walls, stained glass windows, heritage or rustic elements and you will soon find yourself with a platform to craft your own style around.

An Intimate Wedding Venue for Your Upcoming Nuptials

An Intimate Wedding Venue for Your Upcoming Nuptials

To make your wedding unique and truly memorable, you need to choose the right venue. The venue must not only be romantic, it must also be accessible to your guests who are sharing the special day with you. Some people think that if they want to have the perfect wedding venue, they need to go out of the city. But the truth is, hidden gems exist even at the heart of Brisbane

One such gem is the Transcontinental Hotel. Located right in the heart of Brisbane, Transcontinental Hotel features a historic 1880’s heritage listed building that is the perfect intimate wedding venue for your upcoming nuptials. The old-world charm of the place will transport you and your guests back in time to an era marked by romanticism and age-old
tradition. With the hotel’s grand staircase, stained glass windows, varnished dark timber floors, exposed brick walls, outdoor balcony and historic furnishing, you will truly feel like you are living in a fairytale world.

Of course, it is not only the physical structure that makes Transcontinental Hotel an ideal wedding venue. The hotel also offers a variety of complete packages that can be tailor-fitted to your need for a truly bespoke wedding experience. Something that you and your guests will cherish forever.

Whether you want a traditional sit-down affair, a modern cocktail reception or a banquet featuring international dishes, the hotel, with its multi-awarded chef, Rob Campbell, will surely provide you with a culinary experience that you and your guests will be reminiscing upon years
after the wedding.

The Transcontinental Hotel will help you with your wedding process with experienced wedding planners to work closely with you through your engagement party to your reception, utilising close relationships with suppliers to ensure you get the best offering for your wedding.