Unique Wedding Venues Around the World. What You Can Learn from Them

Many couples want to get married in a unique location. If you want to have a unique wedding venues, then you probably want to know some of the most impressive and unique wedding venues around the world.

Stonehenge, England

Did you know that you can get married amidst the ancient rocks of Stonehenge in England? These ancient rock structures remain a mystery to experts up to this day. And it is this sense of mystery that gives the place a romantic feel. Since 1978, visitors are no longer permitted within the circle of the stones. However, it may be possible to arrange a ceremony within the stones, making your wedding totally unique.

The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Many are dreaming of having a beach wedding. But if you want a truly unique wedding, then you should exchange vows in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. After the ceremony, you and your guests can take advantage of the clear waters of the eastern Australian coastline by diving, snorkelling or simply relaxing on the beach. Bask in the sun of one of the world’s natural wonders. If you’re going to get married on the beach, it may as well be some of the best in the world.

Ice Hotel, Sweden

If the cold doesn’t bother you. And if you don’t mind wearing a winter jacket over your wedding gown, then the Ice Hotel in Sweden is the perfect wedding venue for you. You can have just 40 guests though because that is the maximum number of people that can stay inside this very unique hotel. The hotel is rebuild each year with snow and ice from the village of Jukkasjärvi, making this venue technically brand new every year. It doesn’t get much more unique than that.

If you want something truly unique, you don’t have to travel to exotic locations, find a venue you love with versatility and speak to them about how you can style your wedding to make it truly unique to you.

Turn a Small Wedding Venue Into Your Dream Wedding Reception

While the ceremony is the focal point of any wedding, it is the wedding reception that has taken over as the true celebration and Brides and Grooms are going to great lengths to put on the best show. For your wedding to be truly memorable, it helps to have an excellent venue for your wedding reception, but that doesn’t mean it has to be large. With imagination and some decoration skills, you can turn a small wedding venue into your dream wedding reception. The following are tips to help create that dream ambience:

Stress the importance of lighting

Whether you plan to hold your wedding reception indoors or outdoors, you need to install the right lighting fixtures. The right kind of lights will make your wedding reception venue sparkle with romance and magic. Consider researching various light installations for inspiration before contacting lighting vendors so that you can guide them to the perfect set up for your wedding style. Some savvy couples have even up-cycled old materials and turned them into lighting displays for a chic and rustic look.

While modern lighting fixtures are essential in a wedding reception venue, you should not forget a light source that has been around for hundreds of years; candles. The use of candles can bring a magical effect to a venue especially if it is an outdoor or balcony fitted venue.

Flowers and Plants

Florals have extended beyond the bouquet and have become a focal point for many wedding set ups. Gone are the days of standard flowers with new flower based styling concepts taking over including; green walls, hanging plants, plant-based light installations and vibrant flower displays. You can read more about it in our recent article on ‘2018’s top wedding flower trends’ to discover what is in this year to help tie in your dream styling.


It’s time to ditch the plastic trestles and fold up chairs. Wedding venues are now often equiped with alternate furniture styling options. You can upgrade your look from RSL to vintage bride by simply enquiring about hiring wooden tables to replace those that come as standard. While tablecloths have been a staple in decorating for years, many looks and trends are stripping it back and focusing on raw materials and quality elements.

4 gorgeous ways to use lighting to create the perfect wedding reception atmosphere

Up-Cycled Installations

Make use of what you can scrounge to save on total wedding costs by up-cycling. You can often find timber materials or building scraps such as window frames & fixtures for a good price to use as your base material. Work with lighting companies or do a bit of research to make it your own DIY project to get lights installed along your rustic frame. The end result (if done well) should be a beautiful light up piece of art that can be hung behind your bridal table for a glowing backdrop.

White Neon

Forget the classic 1980’s nightclub neons (unless you’re going for that theme) and picture subtle a subtle white glow illuminating your backdrops and styling. This look works perfectly with all-white crisp styling, or against a rustic/natural backdrop such as exposed brick walls, or dark outdoor timber frames.

Bulbed Canopies

It’s a classic look but it classic for a reason. Ageless and warming, creating a canopy with stringed bulb lights is a perfect way to create an ambient atmosphere for any reception, indoor or outdoor. Combine the look with candles for a multileveled and natural look. A perfect addition to anyone looking to pursue the Instagram and Pinterest inspired loose bohemian wedding style.

Entangle Plants

We can’t get enough of plants, no one can. Perfect in the day for a natural greenhouse inspired weddings and can come alive at night with the right lighting. Use small lights surrounding various plants or plant installations to create an illuminated jungle at your reception. The key is to use the lights to highlight the plants, so keep it warm and keep it subtle. Correctly placed lights will create beautiful shadows that bounce off the leaves while still providing you with enough light to create the right atmosphere.




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Top Wedding Flower Trends for 2018

As each wedding season comes and goes, new trends emerge to inspire us for the months ahead. Below is a collection of floral trends we’ve observed for the 2018/19 wedding season.

Wild Bouquets

Combining natives, florals and greenery make up the boho and rustic take on the typical bouquet. This trend will give a ‘straight from the garden’ vibe to any wedding. With deep colours and rich greenery it will suit any couple who are looking to give add some indie style to their wedding.

Rich Burgundies

Combining soft golds, matte black and deep burgundies is a style trend that plays into 2018’s love of greenhouse, farm style weddings. The bold colours are a tables capers dream and come up stunning in wedding photography.


If you want ‘light and bright’ for your wedding and want to keep it that way with your flowers, consider flooding your venue with greenery. While not so much a ‘flower’, greenery inspired weddings play well into almost any open wedding venue and is extremely versatile. Use it with clever lighting to set a magical atmosphere while filling empty tablespaces with greenery to further enhance it’s effect.

Floral Cakes

Command your suppliers to team up and you could end up with something magical on your hands. Floral cakes combine delicious decoration with bold flowers and will look so good you won’t dare cut it. This season they are all about the flowers in volume. Combine flamboyant flower decorations with simple and minimalistic cakes for a rustic look that is sure to attract some eyes.

Dried Botanicals

With rustic taking the place of over the top luxe for many brides and grooms, dried botanicals fit in beautifully. For boho inspired weddings, consider using the soft colour palettes and impactful size of these plants to display as backdrops or statement pieces. Consider pairing with Australian natives to give it a unique touch.


With 2018’s PANTONE colour of the year being ultraviolet, you won’t be off the trend with bouquets of uv orchids. Inspired by compelling artists such as Prince, Jimi Hendrix and David Bowie, the use of uv has made it’s way to weddings through soft greenery made eye-catching with the colour. Our tip: Vanda orchids, Cattleya orchids, Dendrobium orchids, and Moth orchids will give you the brightest and most vibrant ultraviolet colours.

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