Unique Weddings – Standout with this Season’s Flowers

Flowers are symbols of love, beauty and grace. This is why they should always be present at weddings. They can surely add colour and fragrance to an event that is supposedly the happiest in a couple’s life. Because of the connection between flowers and weddings, one would be hard pressed to imagine a wedding without the presence of lovely blooms. Brides (and grooms) here in Australia are lucky because of the abundance of beautiful flowers in this country no matter what season. But the question in the minds of many engaged couples is: how can I make unique wedding venues stand out with the use of flowers. Well, here are some tips.

Choose flowers well

First of all, you need to decide what flowers to use. You can’t just pick the first flowers that come to your mind. There has to be a reason for your decision. Of course, your motif or theme should guide your choice. You should also pick flowers that look good together. Otherwise, your wedding venue will look like an unkempt garden.

Don’t simply go with the trend

It is so easy to go with what everyone else is doing. But when you do that, your wedding will become boring and forgettable. Just because people are using roses for their wedding it doesn’t mean that you should too. Be bold. Have the courage to use flowers that are unique even if they are not usually used in weddings.

Be eco-friendly

We cannot ignore the fact that human activity has taken its toll on the planet. You can contribute to the conservation of the planet by having an eco-friendly wedding. Sure, those Holland tulips would look nice on your wedding but you need to know that importing goods from other countries burdens the earth. It is more eco-friendly to choose local flowers that are in-season of course.

Follow the tips above and for sure you will have one unique wedding.

Small Wedding Venues – Maximise Your Space with These Tips

Some people think that they can’t do much with a small wedding venue. But the truth is, with some planning and creativity you can turn a small wedding venue into a space that would seem grand and majestic. Below are some tips on how you can maximise the space of your small wedding venue.

Proper lighting can make a difference

If there is one thing that you need to focus on to maximise the space of a small venue it’s lighting. Proper lighting can make a huge difference and yes it can make a small area seem huge. It can also add a lot to the look and feel that you want to convey. Of course, weddings should always be vibrant and happy and good lighting can help you achieve this mood. One word about lighting though, you need to secure them properly especially in a small space. You wouldn’t want some lighting fixtures falling on your guests.

Use every inch of the venue

Since you are working in a small space then it is only practical to utilise every inch of it. Do not waste any of that precious space. You should space the tables properly but you should make sure that your guests will not feel cramped. Avoid using any of the space as storage. Maybe you can use the space outside as storage area, out of sight of course. Keep decorations to a minimum because decor elements tend to eat up space.

Plan on using as much of the area throughout the day

If you have a small wedding venue then you should make sure to have the most of it, timewise. If you can bargain on extending the allotted time then why not? You can also use different parts of the venue for different events of activities.

Having a small wedding venue should not be a problem as long as you know how to maximise it.

Wedding Reception Ideas – Top 5 Ways to Use Flowers

When it comes to decorating the venue for a wedding reception, you can never go wrong with flowers. Of course, you cannot simply place flowers anywhere way; you need to be creative. For wedding reception ideas, here are 5 ways to use flowers.

1. Bridal bouquet should be the highlight

Among all the flowers in the wedding reception, the bridal bouquet should still be the highlight. It should be more elaborate than other flowers in the venue and those of the bridesmaids so that it will stand out. Keep in mind that this is the day of the bride. The attention should be on her. That’s why her bouquet should help bring that attention.

2. Pair flowers with candles

If you are looking for a great centrepiece then you should pair flowers with candles. This is a classic setup that never goes out of style. You can place large tall flowers in a vase together with large candles if you want a minimalist design. Or you can be more elaborate by using a combination of flowers and candles. Of course, the type of flower should depend on the venue and the theme of the wedding.

3. Scatter petals on the tables

If you want the wedding venue to look romantic then what you can do is to scatter flower petals on the tables. If it is a formal affair then it would be best to use rose petals. If it is a more casual wedding, then you can use flowers in different colours. If you want something that would work on any theme then you can use petals of white roses.

4. Don’t forget the stage

Don’t forget to decorate the stage. Keep in mind that most parts of the reception, people’s attention would be on the stage because that is where the action will be. A simple decoration will do. You can use flower petals together with ribbons as accents on the stage.

5. Beach or Hawaiian themed weddings

If you are having a beach or Hawaiian themed wedding then you can use hibiscus or plumeria. These types of flowers would be perfect for your outdoor wedding.

Visiting Intimate Wedding Venues – Top 3 Questions You Should Ask

Your choice of venue can make or break your intimate wedding. This is why you need to choose your venue carefully. When visiting intimate wedding venues, here are the top 3 questions you should ask.

1. Is the venue available on the date of your wedding?

So you think you have found the perfect venue for your wedding. First, you need to make sure that it is available on the date of your special day. You should keep in mind that wedding venues, especially the popular ones should be booked months ahead of the occasion. If the venue is not available on your appointed day, then you need to make a decision. Do you move the date of your wedding or do you simply look for another wedding venue? The answer would depend on how much you want your wedding to be held in the venue in question.

2. Is the venue large enough?

Even if you are having an intimate wedding, you still want to make sure that the venue will fit your guests comfortably. You don’t want them standing next to each other shoulder to shoulder with no extra space to move around. When it comes to the venue of the reception, you should look for space where there is enough room for people to mingle and even dance. Your guests should have a good time. You don’t want them feeling claustrophobic.

3. Is the venue accessible to your guests?

You are planning on having an intimate wedding. This means that your wedding is limited only to individuals who are very close to you and your partner. This is why you need to consider your guests when choosing a wedding venue. You need to make sure that it will be accessible to your guests. You need to make sure that the venue is accessible to hotels and other forms of accommodation for the sake of guests who will be coming from out-of-town.

When you ask these 3 questions when visiting intimate wedding venues, you can be sure to pick the right one.