Small Wedding Venues – How to Choose One

Choosing a small wedding venue is a big deal. After all, your wedding will not be complete without a place to hold. And sometimes, looking for a small venue can be much more difficult than searching for a regular sized one. With this article though, you can find some tips that can make the job so much easier.

Budget first

The first thing that you need to do is to draft a budget. Small venues still require some thorough financial planning. After you have set your budget now it’s time do some canvassing. Only get a venue that you can afford. And watch out for hidden fees. Try to get a venue that offers packages for other wedding requirements (food, lighting, entertainment, etc.). You will be able to save money from these packages.

Use a spreadsheet

Are you familiar with the spreadsheet program on your computer? Well, this is the perfect time to get acquainted with it. A spreadsheet program can help you keep track of the different venues that will come up from your research. With a spreadsheet, you can easily compare the different pros and cons of the venues.

Check your guest list

If you are looking for a small wedding venue then most likely you are planning to have an intimate wedding. But you still need to check if all of your guests will fit in the venue. You don’t want your guests to feel like sardines in a can.


You need to make sure that your wedding venue is accessible to all of your guests. This shouldn’t be too difficult to do since you are only inviting a few guests.
May the tips above help you find the right small wedding venue for you.

Unique Wedding Venues – Finding the Right Colour Palette

So you have found your ideal wedding venue. Now your job is to own it, to make it a unique wedding venue. Your wedding venue should match your overall motif. The worst thing that could happen is to have the colour of your wedding venue clash with your colour motif. This is why finding the right colour palette is very important.


Of course, working with a venue with neutral colours is ideal. But even if the colour of the wedding venue clashes with your theme, you can still do something about it. You can fix the problem through smart decorating. You can cover the walls, for example, with flowers or even with curtains. Or you can use other materials to serve as a backdrop. If you don’t have a knack for decorating then the best thing you can do is to hire a professional decorator.

Don’t overdo it

You don’t have to match everything. Not every element in the venue needs to be in purple. You must keep in mind though that colours in your wedding should be harmonious with each other. If your motif is silver, for example, then having a wedding venue with grey walls will definitely work. Or if your motif is a bright colour, such as red, then a more subdued colour for the venue would add the necessary contrast. Again, if you are not an expert in colours then you can hire a professional.

Lighting matters

Keep in mind that colours are a function of light. So when it comes to colour palette, lighting definitely matters. Make sure that the lighting in the wedding venue would bring out the best in your colour scheme. Maybe you can hire a professional who can install the proper lighting fixtures.