Intimate Wedding Venues – Indoors or Outdoors?

When it comes to intimate wedding venues, you generally have two choices: holding your wedding indoors or outdoors. Of course, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Carefully weighing these can help in your decision.

Indoor wedding venue

The main advantage of holding your wedding indoor is that an indoor venue can protect you and your guests from the elements. This means that you can go on with your wedding even if it is raining heavily outside. Indoor, you can also easily control the temperature and make sure that your guests are not dying because of the heat or are not freezing because of the cold.

Many indoor venues are blank canvases through. This means that you are left with the responsibility of decorating the venue and of making sure that it goes well with your motif.

Outdoor wedding venue

The most obvious benefit to holding your wedding outdoor is that it brings you closer to nature. This in turn can make your wedding more romantic. Whether it is a beach or a garden, an outdoor venue can make a wedding more special.

When you hold your wedding outdoors, you also don’t need to decorate your venue that much. Let mother nature take care of the scenery that can serve as a beautiful backdrop to you and your partner’s exchange of vows. And because you don’t need to do much in terms of decorations, an outdoor wedding venue can help you save cash.

Holding your wedding outdoors means that you are exposed to the elements. You have to check the weather and make sure that it will not rain on your special day. You also need to watch out for the occasional gust of wind.

Whether you are holding your wedding indoors or outdoors, you should make sure that your guests are always comfortable and safe.

Small Wedding Venues – How to Make the Most of Your Space

Some couples think that to have a memorable wedding, they need to hold it in a big venue. The truth is, you can have a beautiful and memorable wedding even in small wedding venues. A small intimate wedding venue is not only practical but it makes the event more special since small venues can give people that impression of intimacy and closeness. For a small venue to work, all you need is good space management. What follows are some tips on how you can make the most of a small space to create the perfect wedding venue.

If you are holding your wedding in a small venue, your only real concern is to fit all of your guests inside and make them feel comfortable. You don’t want them to feel uncomfortable especially those who have the tendency to suffer from claustrophobia. This is why you need to give the impression that the venue is bigger than it really is. One of the things that you can do is to use individual chairs instead of benches that can take up lots of space.

Another way to maximise a small wedding space is by decorating it the right way, When it comes to decorating a small wedding space, less is more. Do not place big pieces that can make the space more cramped. Instead, choose pieces that are not bulky such as long slender plants in tall vases. You can also use mirrors in the venue that will give the illusion of depth and make the venue seem bigger.

Make every inch count. Make sure that all available space is utilised. Video cameras and other equipment should not be in their proper places and not in the way of guests. You also prepare a seating plan for your guests so they will not be scattered all over the venue.