How Pinterest is Helping Brides-to-Be Plan for their Intimate Weddings

Are you in the process of planning for an intimate wedding? Then maybe social media can help, Pinterest to be more specific. Brides-to-be have been using the social media site to help plan their dream wedding. Here are some ways they use Pinterest.

To find wedding themes

If you can’t decide what theme to follow on your wedding day then logging in to your Pinterest account can provide some inspiration. What many brides do is to create a board dedicated to wedding styles and then they just pin to it any image they see that catches their attention. After they do this, they start to see a style emerge. Depending on the variety of images, it is easy to develop a style that is uniquely your own with this method.

To find a wedding dress

To find a wedding dress, you can simply go to a wedding store and try on some dresses. But such a method can be time-consuming especially if you still don’t know the style of wedding dress you want. Like in the search for a wedding, what some brides do is create a Pinterest board that is dedicated to wedding dresses. They pin everything to it until they find a style that they want. Then that’s the time they start fitting for a wedding dress.

To share ideas

Many brides also use Pinterest to share ideas with other people who are involved in the wedding. With Pinterest, it is easy to find visual representations of ideas you have in mind and once you have gathered enough ideas, it is easy to ask for the opinion of other people by simply sharing to them the Pinterest boards you have created. For example, you want to show your photographer the kind of shots you want. Then all you have to do is to create a board dedicated to nice wedding photos and then share it with your photographer. Or you can get ideas of how to decorate your venue to look like a unique wedding venue