4 tips to salvage a rainy wedding day

Are the impending clouds forecasting doom and gloom for your long-awaited wedding day? Wet weather can put a dampener on any occasion so it’s understandable that for your wedding, you’re praying it stays away and you avoid a rainy wedding. Unfortunately for some, it becomes an unavoidable part of your wedding. Should the rain threaten your perfect day, here are some tips to manage.

Check with your suppliers and service providers

Read the fine print, foresee the chance of rain and check everything thoroughly. If you have to cancel some outdoor styling or move inside at the last minute, make sure you are able to get your hard earned money back wherever you can. This will help soften the blow and won’t leave you feeling like the rain ruined it all.

Ask your vendors what their rain policy is. If you have musicians or stylists, ensure that they have a place undercover to perform or set up. Many people providing their own goods for the day will have a strong objection to leaving them undercover, you don’t want to be stung with a band that won’t play or a florist who won’t put up flowers. If you check beforehand you can make arrangements to keep them high and dry.

Remember that your reaction will set the tone for your guests

Okay so it may not have gone exactly how you wanted it to, but remember, all eyes are still on you and it’s up to you to salvage your day. Guests will react exactly how you do and that can be a good thing. If you’re visibly upset and refuse to continue the celebrations, your guests won’t feel like celebrating either. However, if you’re optimistic, the magic of your rainy wedding will trump any drizzle. If you have to huddle together in the rain, so be it but if the moment to dance in the rain arises then you’re enthusiasm can spark others. Before you know it, people will pick up on that and everybody will be dancing in the rain.

Be prepared

Have a plan B. If your wedding is outside, make sure to check if there is a rotunda nearby that you can have the ceremony under. If you’re heading to an indoor venue for the reception, organise to host the ceremony at that venue on the chance your outdoor ceremony is rained out.

Avoid spending the night before your weddings looking at the weather app by making sure you have a backup option for everything. If you have elderly guests, ensure you have enough umbrellas to keep them safe and warm. Think of things like your styling, were we relying on candles for atmosphere? If you’re having a wedding in a risky month, write a list of everything that could be hampered by the rain and work out a simple and quick back up. You may have to make some sacrifices but your stress levels shouldn’t be one of them.

Have an indoor reception to avoid a rainy wedding

What’s the safest way to avoid the rain? Have your reception indoors!

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Photo: Trent and Jessie Photographers