When to Book Your Wedding Reception Venue

When to book your wedding reception venue? A question faced by every Bride or Groom. Most will agree that you should book your wedding venue at least six to twelve months in advance. Some even suggest that six months is the absolute minimum amount of time that you should aim for, with 12 months in advance being the average time required to book most good venues. While this might be the case for most, If you are after a particularly popular wedding venue, booking it as soon as you can would be best to ensure you do get the venue you are after. Ask around well in advance to help you gauge the ideal time to book for your list of desired venues.

There are many reasons why you should book your wedding reception venue at least six to twelve months in advance. First of all, allotting that much time will give you the luxury of choosing the best possible venue. If you have your heart set on a certain date, why not begin searching for your venue straight away! You should be aware that there are many people getting married at any given date and the number of good wedding reception venues can be limited. With Saturday being the most popular day to get married, and there being only 52 Saturday’s in a year, it is important that you’re as organised as possible. Speaking to your desired venues will give you a good idea of their peak times and potential availabilities.

The beauty of booking your desired wedding venue well in advance is that you can relax knowing that you have secured the venue that will match your specific needs and specifications. By booking a wedding reception venue in advance, you will also have more time to plan out and design your reception styling, based on the layout of the venue. Designing and decorating a wedding reception venue takes time, especially if the venue is large. Booking a wedding reception venue in advance will give more time for your wedding coordinator, florist and stylist to work on the space available to make it look perfect for your big day.

Planning a wedding involves a lot of work. Having everything ready in advance will help you manage the stress and unforeseeable circumstances.

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How to Have a Small and Intimate Wedding – Some Creative Ideas

In this day and age when everything seems to be larger-than-life, over-the-top and out-of-this world, it’s refreshing to see things being done in a very simple way. This is probably the reason why some people still choose to have a small and intimate wedding. But since there are more couples who are into grand wedding worthy of Hollywood, it is hard to find information on how to have a small and intimate wedding. Luckily for you, you can find some very useful tips below.

Make your own wedding favours

An intimate wedding means having only a few guests. This would allow you to create a more personalised wedding favour. This is your chance to let out the Martha Stewart within you. If you are not particularly good with crafting, then at least you can spend more time (and money) getting special tokens for those who will share your special day with you.

Get everyone involved

If you are planning to invite only a handful on your wedding then why not assign a role to each one? Have a funny best friend? Then ask him or her to be the emcee. Have a brother who is good with computers? Then ask him to design your wedding invitation. Is your mom crazy about flowers? Then this is her chance to be a florist even for just a day. By getting most if not all of your guests involved you will not only be able to save money, you can also be sure that your wedding will have unique personal touches that you will always remember.

Choose a small intimate wedding venue

With wedding venues for all types of weddings and taste, it can be a daunting task to choose the right venue for your special day. Rather than going for a big to medium size venue, choose an intimate wedding venue. This way, the reception will be filled and not look empty. This allows guests to feel more comfortable and relaxed.

By following these ideas on how to have a small and intimate wedding, your wedding will surely be memorable even without the glitz and glamour.

3 Reasons to Choose a Small Wedding Venue

When it comes to weddings, bigger is not always better. Especially when it comes to the venue. Below are 3 reasons to choose a small wedding venue.

Small wedding venues are cheaper

Smaller wedding venues are generally cheaper than big ones. This means you will be able to save money on the venue. You can then use the money you were able to save on other more important aspects of your wedding. Or maybe you can use the money on the honeymoon instead. In this day and age, every cent counts. With a smaller venue, you can save a few hundred dollars to thousands. You can also opt to have a smaller but more elegant venue to make your wedding more special.

Small wedding venues are easier to manage

With a big wedding venue, you will need a lot of people to decorate and manage the area. This means you need to spend a lot more on manpower. So when you choose a small wedding venue, you will not only be saving money on rent. You will also save money on the people that you need to get to work on the area. When you have a small venue, you can even ask family and friends to help decorate the area so you won’t need to hire professionals.

Small venues provide a sense of intimacy

People can get intimidated with big venues. With a smaller venue, your guests can feel cosy and comfortable. With a big venue, the event will seem impersonal and formal. With a small venue, there will be more chance for your guests to interact with each other. Indeed, a small venue is perfect for a simple and intimate wedding. If you are planning to invite only the closest of your friends and family members, then it would be best to get a small wedding venue.